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22 Mar 2019

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Did you watch my planner setup? Printable Kate 2019 Planner Setup

Printable Kate 2019 Planner Setup

Download the last months of Mid-Year Calendar 2018/2019 :)  Rings-Pocket-MidYearCalendar2018Jul-2019Jun  /   Rings-A6-MidYearCalendar2018Jul-2019Jun  /   Rings-Personal-MidYearCalendar2018Jul-2019Jun  /   Rings-PersonalWide-MidYearCalendar2018Jul-2019Jun

March Freebies !!!

I can’t believe it! This is the last one, 12-th free monthly insert I uploaded here. One year of my dailies. I have hope you like my work! I will add the second quarter of the year soon in my Etsy shop… and I have a plan to add some new freebies too, so stay tuned

  1. March insert is a continuation of the February Insert and it starts on Monday, March 4 and goes thru Sunday, March 31.
  2. Freebies include timed and untimed variant of the insert to choose.
  3. You can download Pocket Rings , A6 Rings and Personal Rings size inserts with a weekly flap or without it! All variants include weekly pages now. Personal Wide Rings and B6 TN sizes are in a Regular variant (without the flap but still with weekly pages).
  4. You need ADOBE READER to print. Free download: Adobe Reader
  5. And here is a printing advice:  PrintableKate-How-to-print-my-inserts

… and freebies

Rings-Pocket-March-2019  /   Rings-A6-March-2019  /   Rings-Personal-March-2019  /   Rings-Personal-Wide-March-2019  /   TN-B6-March-2019

Download the Academic Year Overview (Sep 2018 – Aug 2019):





Download the Mid Year Overview (Jul 2018 – Jun 2019):





Download the Monthly Undated Calendar:

Download freebie Rings-Pocket-Monthly-Undated or buy dated Monthly Mid Year Calendar

Download freebie Rings-A6-Monthly-Undated or buy dated Monthly Mid Year Calendar

Download freebie Rings-Personal-Monthly-Undated or buy dated Monthly Mid Year Calendar

Download freebie Rings-Personal-Wide-Monthly-Undated or buy dated Monthly Mid Year Calendar

Dot Grid Notes Freebie





Versatile 001 (Daily / Lists / Project Planner):

 Download Freebie Rings-Pocket-Versatile-001A or buy extended version Pocket Rings 001

 Download Freebie Rings-A6-Versatile-001A or buy extended version A6 Rings 001

 Download Freebie Rings-Personal-Versatile-001A or buy extended version Personal Rings 001

 Download Freebie Rings-Personal-Wide-Versatile-001A or buy extended version Personal Wide Rings 001



Rings - Pocket - Notes - Dreamer

Rings - A6 - Notes - Dreamer

Rings - Personal - Notes - Dreamer

Rings - Personal Wide - Notes - Dreamer